Medicare’s Open Enrollment Ends Dec 7th

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Ends Dec 7th

Medicare’s Open Enrollment, also referred to as the Annual Election Period (AEP) ends in less than one week on Wednesday December 7. This year’s AEP started earlier and ends earlier than previous years, and is an important time for beneficiaries to closely evaluate their current health coverage, whether or not they’d like to switch health plans, return to Original Medicare or join a health plan if they are already in Original Medicare.

Options abound and knowing one’s options and how to compare them are important for making a good choice. Here are some resources to make the most of the AEP’s  final week:

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  1. Alan Ginter 7 years ago

    I don’t turn 65 until April 30, 2011. What does it mean that my open enrollment period is over. Should I have applied even though I was not eligible? Thanks you.
    Alan Ginter

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