CMS Removes Sanction from Universal American – Today’s Options Plans

CMS Removes Sanction from Universal American – Today’s Options Plans

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) removed its marketing and enrollment sanctions on Universal American on 8/5/2011.  Universal American offers the Today’s Options plans in California.  As of now, Quality Health Plan (QHP), a Tampa, Florida based insurer is the only organization that’s still under sanction.

With its sanctions removed, Universal is permitted to market and advertise their 2011 Medicare Part C and D products. They can also accept enrollments from beneficiaries with valid election periods, with the earliest effective enrollment date being 9/1/2011.

Universal had been under sanction for marketing violations by their agents and brokers, including prohibited marketing practices, resulting in delays in access to care.

CMS is reasonably assured that the issues that gave rise to the company’s sanction are not likely to reoccur. However, if they do resurface, CMS will consider additional compliance and enforcement actions. CMS will also continue to closely monitor Universal American’s performance.

If you hear of any significant issues associated with Universal American, or any other of our Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plans, please let CMS know by contacting your CMS Regional Office.

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